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at the Turnerhof

The farm is surrounded by fields and forest and the nearest neighbors are miles away. Have breakfast in the garden under old fruit trees to the music of the birds with a wonderful panorama.

Our slow food breakfast consists of:

Yogurt, butter, soft cheese (e.g. Camembert, chives - depending on availability), bread (sourdough, spelled, farmer's bread, toasted bread), puree, liver sausage, spruce-top honey, seasonal jam, eggs, milk, bacon, salami, curd cheese, osso collo , Polish sausage, Graubünden meat, cold roast pork, liver cheese. Only the coffee does not grow on the Millstätter Plateau, we have to buy it.

After breakfast, you can go hiking from the farm directly to the Millstätter Alpe or take short walks. After the hike it goes to the lake, which you can reach in about 5 minutes by car.


Admission to one of the numerous outdoor pools is free with the Millstätter See Inclusive Card.
However, you can also spend the day at the farm: reading on the lawn with a view while the children are playing or with the animals. We are very child-friendly and we have enough space to let off steam.

The sunset is then enjoyed with a good homemade snack and a glass of wine in the garden.

We look forward to you!

The Haider family


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